Martha L Stone is a media industry author, speaker and consultant. She founded and has organised the Big Data for Media conference in London since 2013 –the first and only Big Data conference for media companies, drawing business and journalism executives from every continent. She was a research associate at the University of Oxford’s Reuters Institute in 2013 and 2014, focusing her research on digital media trends and Big Data for media. 

She leads the World Newsmedia Network, a not-for-profit media research firm, which has published a multitude of strategic reports for the news media industry, including the comprehensive, annual compendium  “Global Digital Media Trendbook” published each year since 2006. Prior to leading WNMN, she was Director of the Shaping the Future of the Newspaper project for the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) in Paris, France, and Darmstadt, Germany. SFN was a partnership with newspaper industry partners Atex, Norske Skog, Telenor and manroland, and produced seven strategic reports for publishers each year. In the capacity of SFN Director, she has led media conferences, study tours and innovative projects around the world, and managed the SFN Consultancy, which provided training and advisory services to some of the most prominent media companies in the world.

The World Newsmedia Network,, explores future and present opportunities for multiple media, including Internet, television, newspaper, magazine, mobile, radio, tablet and any future media. Stone is a pioneer in digital media, and has produced more than 100 industry reports on social media, video, smartphones, apps, digital newsmedia trends, workflow, company reengineering, multimedia company organizational structure and digital revenue making, during her career.

Steve Stone is a digital media content creator and specialist. Steve is the website administrator for,, and As a content creator he is usually seen at Big Data Media events and study tours taking photographs and recording video. He has worked with institutions such as the Big Ten Network, Baseball Hall of Fame, Northwestern University, LiveStrong and more. He specializes in Media Management, Production Services, and web design

Ian Crawford is WNMN’s graphics designer. He has designed, edited and written for B2B publishers and regional newspapers for more than 25 years – including their events and ad campaigns. His spare time is spent trudging the rivers of the UK researching his book, ‘Bonkers Boats’.

Raquel Meikle is the awards administrator for Big Data for Media’s BIGGIES Awards Competition and Gala. Raquel has more than 10 years of experience working for the publishing industry, as events manager and awards coordinator on a worldwide scale. She also coordinates the Global Media Awards at INMA (International News Media Association, Previously, Raquel was coordinator of the XMA Cross Media Awards at WAN-IFRA (, now known as Digital Media Awards. At WAN-IFRA she was also Program Manager of various conferences, where she was responsible for developing events for the publishing industry on international and regional scales. Raquel gained experience as lector and publishing editor of magazines in the 1990s, as well as advising film and video producers, film companies and production agencies at the Film Institute in her home country, Uruguay. She is based near Frankfurt, Germany.